Winter Firewood Storage

Shipping containers make excellent storage facilities for firewood, especially in Pennsylvania.  As old man winter is beginning to creep into the North Eastern part of the United States and new talk of a solar vortex chills our bones, there’s a lot of comfort to the thought of a warm fireplace and nice glass of Dad’s Hat whiskey.  However, the drifting snow, freezing rain, and homeless mice coming in from the fields have different ideas for your firewood.  Lucky for us, we can have a shipping container delivered from Newark, Baltimore, or Cleveland.

Dry Firewood Storage

A 20’ shipping container in wind and water tight condition will help to keep all if your firewood dry and out of the rain and snow.  After the rain starts to soak into the outer layer of your corded firewood, your only option is to dig into the next later and expose the firewood that you don’t use to even more rain and snow.  Of course, you can use the old “blue tarp” stand by to keep it dry, but that means multiple trips to carry firewood in, then back out to the stack to recover the wood.  The other alternative is the unwieldy wheel barrow that never seems to go 10 feet without tipping over.

The solution: a strong, secure shipping container with solid doors that will allow you to get out of the rain, load up your carrier with wood, and shut the doors on your way out.  With 20’-40’ of storage you can also keep your other firewood, winter maintenance, and lawn and garden supplies locked up tight.

Secure Firewood Storage

Storing firewood in a used shipping container means that it’s in a secure, wind and water tight steel box.  Not only can your neighbors not gain access to it without your permission, but if you keep the doors closed it means that no mice, insects, or other unwanted varmints and rodents will be able to nest in the stack.  The cost of the container alone is worth knowing that you won’t be grabbing a hold of a mouse or mouse droppings on a cold dark night!

Pennsylvania Shipping Containers supplies shipping containers throughout Pennsylvania out of our depots in Cleveland, Ohio, Newark, NJ, and Baltimore, MD.  We also have a retail location in Lancaster Pennsylvania that delivers storage containers throughout the central Pennsylvania region (Harrisburg/York/Lancaster).  If you have any container related questions just drop us an email or give us a call at (717) 945-0899.